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    It's taken me six years to write this.

    I’ve been wanting to create and maintain a blog since my move to California in the beginning of 2014. I made maybe two posts before getting caught up in what it was exactly that I was trying to say, and how I was saying it.

    Did I want to share technical knowledge in my findings as a dev? Reflections on past mistakes and how I’ve reconciled my failures? Or just things in general that caught my attention?

    All of the above became none of the above.

    To make matters worse, the presentation was never perfect enough. I wanted to fully express myself in an unrealistic standard that could never be achieved. I just had to be… perfect.

    Months turned to years and priorities were lost. Only two weeks ago did I begin to let go of this overbearing pressure I gave myself to be perfect and to just accept things as works in progress. At the time of writing, most of this website is styled by the default theme of the blog template I’m using, and I love it. When the time comes I’ll add my own flavor to it.

    I wanted to post this yesterday, on the brink of the new decade. But as life got in the way and I found myself enjoying the day instead, I’m extremely fine with posting it now, as it’s better late than never.