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    Finding appreciation for a rare yet daily moment.

    Sunrise along the Wasatch Front

    In my excitement for my in-laws to arrive yesterday I got up unusually early and managed to see the sunrise for the first time in years. Not just any sunrise, but one eclipsed by mountains.

    Then some realizations struck me.

    First. I moved to Utah in 2020 and this was the first time seeing the sun shine behind the mountains. I instinctually felt shame for having missed out for so long, but then quickly forgave myself considering the struggle I endured until very recently.

    Second. This is view is basically in my backyard. Every. Single. Day. I just have to show up! I even have Celeste and Luciano to share it with. Though if they understandably want more sleep, I can always count on my cat Lorenzo who adores going outside.

    Third. My very first date with Celeste capped off with watching the sunrise on a beach in Miami, almost four years ago. To think of the several major life events and growth I’ve experienced in a seemingly short time made realize how far I’ve come. How I’m exactly where I need to be right now.

    I have a deep admiration for mountains as someone from the flat swampy lands of Florida. I’m all the more grateful for everything I have in my life, especially the everyday moments like this one.